Hi there 👋

I’m Aumit Leon, a Software Engineer building performant, scalable, and secure APIs and data pipelines ⚡

Currently, I’m…

🎶 Working on building ads reporting and measurement products, APIs, and data infrastructure as part of the Ads Data Platform team @ Spotify.

🌱 Hacking on end to end Machine Learning, NLP, ML pipelines and workflow orchestration.

💬 Thinking about sustainable software, organizations, and practices.

Previously, I…

🌾 Worked as a Software Engineer on the Grain Marketplace team @ Indigo Ag, helping to digitize a complex financial market that has long had many analog components.

🏗️ At Indigo, I helped build out a number of the key Bidding APIs as part of the Market+ offering. My work helped laid the technical foundation for Bidding functionality.

🤝 I was also a member of Indigo’s Digital DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) task force. I managed community partnerships helped form relationships between Indigo and our immediate community through career fairs, panels, and other events aimed at public high school students interested in technology.

And in the past, I…

🎓 Attended Middlebury College, where I studied Computer Science and Math.

💻 Served as president of Middle Endian, one of Middlebury’s largest student computer science clubs.